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Stunning Eyewear... No Cost... No Risk!

Are you tired of the hassles related to selling sunglasses and reading glasses?
How would you like to have as many sunglasses and reading glasses as you want - along with attractive revolving display stands - at no cost to yourself?
This is exactly what we offer - total consignment (sale or return) supply of sunglasses and reading glasses to approved retailers

Do any of these comments sound familiar?

“The most popular styles always sell first and the display stand is soon left with nothing but slow selling styles”

“We have to discount just to get rid of the last stock, and there goes our profit from the other ones”

“Because the last ones sell so slow, no-one takes any notice of them and half of them probably get pinched”

“They’ve been sitting there so long they’re covered in dust but no-one can be bothered looking after products that don’t sell”

“It’s coming into summer but there’s no way I’m going to buy any more sunglasses – we have too many left from last season”

... If any of these situations sound familiar, it's time to get in touch with us! You can have top fashion eyewear, with plenty of spares (and all fast sellers) without it costing you a cent. You only pay for what you sell


Our huge range of mostly European sunglasses are determined from a careful selection of the latest styles from the craziest to the tried and true conservative. Whether it is polarized, men’s, ladies, children glasses, Eclipse has them all. All with 12 months guarantee and at affordable pricing.

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Reading Glasses

Our reading glasses are carefully selected for quality and style. The very best fashion styles at affordable prices.

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Eclipse Eyewear carries a full range of eyewear accessories including fashionable hard and soft cases, cords and cleaning kits.

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